Corey Reifinger is a doodler at heart who has always been drawn to the evolution of an idea into something tangible. No pun intended. Raised on a healthy childhood diet of satirical humor, 90’s cartoons, album covers, band posters, video games, and trading cards, his imagination was encouraged and transformed into an adult pursuit of the arts. This frequently culminates into a union of vector illustration, typography, iconography, and pop-culture references.

After spending the better half of his 20’s skipping around the greater New England area and Philadelphia getting his feet wet as a graphic designer/ art director, he took the leap to work for himself. Currently, he put roots down with his wife and two daughters back in the Lehigh Valley, where he was born and raised, to continue his career as a full-time freelance graphic artist.

Notable clients include Johnny Cupcakes, ESPN, Toyota, Chipotle, Violent Gentlemen, Steel City, Google, Pepsi, Gatorade, Vannen Watches, HP, and Don Q Rum.

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